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Musicography and Tracks Collection

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This page presents music written by US electronic musician Alexander Brandon (aka Siren, aka Sandman, aka Chromatic Dragon) during his tracking demoscene carrier, from 1994 to 1999.

Music was written mostly in Scream Tracker (S3M format) and Impulse Tracker (IT format), so to play it you need ModPlug Player, XMPlay or Winamp; for the best playback quality I recommend XMPlay.

It's just small unofficial fanpage. I love this music and want to make page containing it all, all I could get from various sources, such as, and others.

Currently Alex works on commercial game music. This page doesn't contain these commercial releases. You can try to find most of them on various sites that collect game sound-tracks and ripped music, such as and others. Alex also released several audio CDs with electronic music. You can find them on, for example.

At the bottom of this page you can find the list of several Alex's interviews and misc informational links.


Releases under name "Chromatic Dragon":

  • A New Dream (progressive, most downloaded MOD in Amiga Arts forum on Compuserve)


    Releases for "Bass Productions" demoscene group:

  • Streets of the City (1st release for Bass Productions)
  • Haunted Terrero (latin techno mix)
  • Vino Veritas (decent pub band tune) [05/95]
  • Exploration (experimental techno)
  • Little Dragon (pop style oriental tune)
  • Infinite Beat (rave/ambient mix)
  • Stuck for a Finish (piano prelude)
  • Breaking the Rules (organ prelude)
  • Stormheart (ballad with guitar and Hammond solo)
  • Stormheart 2 (Another venture into a Latin world)
  • Technojunkie (the 1st techno song, very repetitive :-\ )
  • Steamrolled (Manheim Steamroller Christmas remix) [file lost]
  • Dance of the Dead (Necros medley)
  • Intensity (NAID 95 compo tune)
  • Object of Motion Blur (techno)
  • One Calm Day (industrial / Genesis style piece)
  • "Face of the Dragon" disk [01/95] [favorite]
    Tracks: Face of the Dragon Intro, Introspection II, The Story Ends, She Walked Tall, The Hunt, Pushing the Wall of Sound, A New Dream
  • Undying Fire (an emotionally specific piece)

    Releases for "Bass Productions" demoscene group, new nickname "Siren":

  • Repression (1st release with Siren name, Necros-like) [07/95] [favorite]
  • Mini Improvisation (remix of Necros' "Improvisation" module)
  • The Child (the most original and most professional sounding to date)
  • The Noble Savage (a different kind of tune...)
  • Indigo Sleep (a dance tune for "Feelin' Groovy" disk (EGG volume 3))
  • Triumph (dedicated to the upcoming Tyrian game)


    Releases for "Kosmic Free Music Foundation" group:
  • The Blue Hippo (debut release from Siren, energetic demo-style) [01/96] [favorite]
  • Rhythm Seclusion (easy-going Necros-like dance track) [01/96] [favorite]
  • Mecriful Lie (piano/sax muzak with a strong rhythm) [01/96] [favorite]
  • Shalame (medieval-sounding 6/8ths ballad) [01/96] [favorite]
  • The Last Ballad (Siren's unplayed TP5 multichannel entry) [01/96] [favorite]
  • Farewell (Siren's "final" release, quality light guitar-rock) [04/96] [favorite]
  • Mortal Kosmic (Siren's fantastic parody of Mortal Kombat techno theme) [08/96]
  • Incubus (original, reworked version is in the Oracle disk) [08/96]
  • Eruption of Vesuvius (An expertly crafted, beat laden synth rock song) [09/96]
  • Hope (Great instrumental rock / demo track from Siren) [09/96]
  • Be Thou Exalted (Classical church worthy organ piece) [10/96]
  • All Hallows Eve (Spooky Kosmic halloween '96 tune by Sandman) [10/96]
  • Night Vision (for Kosmic demo by JMX / Sandman) [12/96]

    Other releases:

  • Universe Electric (synth rock; for MC4 compo, 3rd place) [09/96] [favorite]
  • Satellite 1 (for "Future Crew tribute" disk, remix of Purple Motion's song) [10/96]
  • Chris & Rita (dedicated to the actors of a US show; for TT04, 1st place) [01/96] [favorite]
  • Bright Club Lane (Somewhere on a four lane broadway...; for TT11, 2nd place) [05/96] [favorite]
  • Decisions (little tune for TT03, 2nd place) [01/96]
  • Rush Job (little tune for TT05, disqualified :-) ) [02/96]


  • Suspension (medley piece)


  • "Oracle" disk, part2 (by Siren and Sirrus) [01/98] [favorite]
    Tracks: Oracle, Beyond Simplicity, 6 String Summer, A Walk in the Rain, Incubuss, Dreams Untrue
  • Carpe Diem (for MC6 compo, 5th place) [10/98] [favorite]


    Releases for Stein's "Return to Stage 9" disk, which is continuation of "Stage 9" disk:
  • 2 Steps [01/99]
  • Snowfall [01/99]


  • Interview of 1998 for open part 1, part 2, part 3
  • Interview of 1999 for open
  • Interview of 2000 for open
  • Interview of 2001 for open
  • Interview of 2002 for open
  • Interview of 2006 for open
  • Interview of 2006 for open

    More links

  • Alexander Brandon's official site with some new MP3 music: open
  • Alexander Brandon's Developer Bio of 2006 at open
  • Alexander Brandon's musicography for 1995-2002 (incomplete!) at open

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